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Colin Korol – People’s Party of Canada Candidate for Calgary Confederation


The People’s Party of Canada, and its leader Maxime Bernier, represent the change needed to reform our Canadian federal system, and bring responsibility back to government. By balancing budgets, ending the carbon tax, ending unfair equalization, eliminating corporate welfare, and having a sustainable immigration program and foreign policy that puts the needs of Canadians first, we can make our country prosper and help all Canadians succeed.

I have no political background, but the last thing Ottawa needs is more politicians! People are fed up of corrupt, career politicians who cater to special interest groups. I care deeply about our country. I have lived in Calgary, and worked in the health care industry for over twenty years. I understand the issues that are important to hard working Canadians. The Liberals and Conservatives like to pretend that they are acting in your interest when all they really want to do is collect more taxes, grow the size of government, and pander to special interest groups and corporations to buy votes.

Canadians have suffered economically as a result of partisan politics and ideology, and from federal interference in provincial jurisdictions. Federal interference and a lack of respect for our Constitution has resulted in a broken health care system, created barriers to inter-provincial trade, and has effectively halted construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Both Liberal and Conservative governments seem more concerned about playing identity politics than delivering on their promise to grow our economy and make our social programs sustainable.

As a founding member of the People’s Party of Canada, I would be a strong candidate to represent all my Calgary constituents in Ottawa, and uphold the PPC’s vision of freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect. Canadians want all Members of Parliament to understand their issues, and put their interests first. For too long we have had leaders who are too busy manipulating the justice system, stifling our freedom, and trying to regulate our lives. I will support policies that empower Canadians and restrict the influence of government. This will lead our country to more freedom and prosperity.


Please visit to learn more about a vision for Canada that will bring peace and prosperity for all.

Please visit the PPC website to read the party platform