Canada’s “Stable” Democracy is a Thin Veil for Oppressive Government Institutions

In Canada, the illusion of political docility can be dangerous. Our so-called stable and prosperous democracy is a thin veil that masks the true nature of our government institutions. Blindly trusting those in power can lead to policies that harm us all.

The Liberal Party’s actions should set off alarm bells for anyone who values individual liberty and property rights. Their disregard for national security and foreign interference, along with a shocking lack of concern for the economic wellbeing of the middle class, is cause for concern. Policies that violate these fundamental freedoms, such as warrantless surveillance and forced medical trials, are nothing less than blatant violations that set a dangerous precedent.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the government’s overreach and infringement on individual liberty and property rights. This underscored the importance of limited government that respects individual freedom. We must subject those in power to constant checks and balances, for the cost of failing to do so is too high.

Trusting the government to act in our best interests can lead to interference in our lives that impedes our freedom and prosperity. The government’s overreach into the economy has resulted in unintended consequences that hurt small businesses and entrepreneurs. This type of thinking enables those in power to ignore individual needs and perpetuate systems of oppression and cronyism.

The Liberal Party’s control over information dissemination and public opinion shaping is another pressing issue. The government’s vast power over media outlets, such as the CBC, is frequently employed to bolster their political allies and manipulate public discourse. Trust in the government leads to reduced accountability for their actions, which breeds a sense of impunity among the country’s elite. This is dangerous to the rule of law and democracy.

As Canadians, it is our duty to hold the government accountable and demand respect for our rights and freedoms. We must support independent and uncensored media that provides a counterbalance to government propaganda. By doing so, we can ensure that our democracy remains stable and prosperous, and that our government serves the people rather than the other way around. It is time for us to take back our power and demand the respect that we deserve.

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