Canadians Deserve to be Protected from Foreign Interference

The Liberal government’s failure to address concerns about Chinese interference in our democratic processes is hardly shocking. The extent to which the CCP has been allowed to meddle in our political affairs and threaten our national security is a reflection of JT’s basic admiration for despots.

The Liberals routinely prioritize their hold on power over the protection of Canadians’ rights and interests, and this dismissive attitude displayed by compromised Liberal MPs towards foreign interference demonstrates a dangerous lack of concern for our democracy.

Trudeau own response to these allegations has been suitably limp-wristed and pathetic, showing as much disinterest as he did when questions surrounding the Emergencies Act surfaced. The lack of transparency and accountability shows a clear disregard for the safety and well-being of Canadians.

The Liberals aren’t interested in addressing any concerns about safeguarding our democratic process when the protection of our democracy should bea top priority for any government.

Canadians deserve better. Elected officials need take this issue seriously and protect our democratic processes from foreign interference.

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