The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Trash

Peace, order, and good government.” Such a phrase may sound reassuring, even comforting to some, but to those who truly value individual freedom and limited government, it is nothing more than a smokescreen. A guise that is used by those in power to maintain control over the populace.

The so-called “natural governing party” has been using this phrase to justify their attempts to micromanage society and impose their will on citizens. In a truly free society, the government should have a limited role in protecting individual rights and freedoms, not imposing its agenda on the people.

The government’s promotion of the “common good” is often used as an excuse for expanding its power and influence over citizens’ lives. This leads to a collectivist welfare state that undermines individual responsibility and productivity. In order for a society to truly thrive, individual freedom and limited government are essential foundations.

Blind allegiance to the state should not be necessary for a functioning society. Those who prioritize individual freedom and limited government are often dismissed as unrealistic, but this is a tactic used by those in power to delegitimize alternative viewpoints.

The more power and control a government has over its citizens, the less freedom and opportunity those citizens have to pursue their own interests and thrive. Both the Liberal and Conservative parties have contributed to the transformation of Canada into a collectivist welfare state that stifles innovation and creativity.

True progress is achieved by empowering individuals to make their own choices, rather than imposing a government-mandated agenda on the populace. Politicians spend most of their time justifying the use of emergency powers, but these measures often lead to a crack down on political dissent and undermine civil liberties.

Emergency measures must be proportionate, targeted, and temporary, and subject to robust parliamentary and judicial oversight. “Peace, order, and good government” cannot be used as justification for policies and actions that are nothing more than a desire to expand power and control over Canadians.

Individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government intervention are the hallmarks of a truly prosperous and free society. We must fight against the collectivist welfare state and its attempts to undermine our freedoms and individuality. Only then can we truly thrive and achieve greatness as a nation.

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