Two wings of the same Warbird..

Pierre the Warhawk is flapping his wings and promising “victory” to all who will listen. But his words are hollow, as empty as the promises of the two sides of the same CPC/Liberal warmongering coin.

The talk of Ukraine and Russia’s expansionist goals is a mere smokescreen, a veil that obscures the reality of the violence and aggression that both sides perpetuate. Ordinary people are left to suffer the consequences of this endless cycle of brutality, caught in the crossfire of political machinations that they have no control over.

Pierre Poilievre’s supporters may bemoan the issue of vote splitting, but they miss the larger point entirely. The problem is not one of defeating one leader or another, but of dismantling the entire corrupt system. Supporting either party only serves to reinforce the illusion of choice, perpetuating the cycle of statism and oppression that has long held Canada in its grasp.

Only a complete reform of our institutions, and the dismantling of the Ottawa power structure, can offer any hope of a brighter future. Canadians must demand and fight for a society based on freedom and peace, one that rejects the false promises of settling regional border disputes and getting involved in a proxy war with a nuclear superpower.

The path of supporting the CPC or the Liberals is a dead end, a road that leads only to further stagnation and decay. It is only through resistance, through the tireless effort to dismantle the existing power structures and create a just and free society, that Canadians can hope to create a better world for themselves and for all people.

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