Governments are the Prime Culprits of Disinformation

Do Canadians believe everything the government tells them?

If they’ve succumbed to being victims of the nanny state then the answer is yes. Governments are the biggest propagators of misinformation anywhere, but in a free society ideas are formed through debate, not by government decree.

The same global elite/deep state actors who demand adherence to climate agendas, medical lockdowns, and support for foreign wars now want to police the internet. What could go wrong?

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter exposed the paranoid psychosis of the far left who are demanding that lawmakers increase online surveillance of social media sites as the EU has already done.

There is already a movement among Western “democracies” to entrench censorship laws, but according to Steven Guilbeault (Canada’s minister of Middle Earth) all speech needs to be consistent with the “governments vision.”

No thanks..I don’t trust government to figure out what the truth is..

Bang on Bill..

Who’s going to fact check the fact checkers? Should we just trust self appointed “authorities” who are suddenly experts on every subject?

Convenient that “medical experts” who play philanthropists in real life also use their wealth to influence political and scientific elites. Bill Gates seems to enjoy acting like a villain in a Bond movie, frequently discussing such topics as blocking out the sun, eating synthetic meat, and eliminating humans from the Earth..

Go away, Bill..

If you argue that Bill Gates is a media creation then how about “medical authorities” who have no problem ignoring/dismissing evidence?..

Chief Medical Ogre Theresa Tam, still obsessed with getting Canadians vaccinated despite the release of Pfizer’s incriminating documents, insists boosters should be treated like Windows updates.

Read the Pfizer documents, Theresa..

Canadians gotta wake up..

Politicians aren’t being held accountable because the majority have failed to question anything. Now, many of us are getting the government we deserve.

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