Liberal Handgun Hypocrisy

If the majority of handgun crimes are being committed using weapons smuggled from the U.S. why would the Liberals loosen the penalties on any of this cross border fuckery? Most likely to justify their own need to implement a total handgun ban and pass bill C-5 which, among other things, is designed to reduce incarceration times for “marginalized” Canadians.

For sure..

So, instead of focusing on weapons trafficking, the Liberals will just blame law-abiding citizens instead. Unfortunately, most Canadians probably wouldn’t mind having their neighbours firearms confiscated and calling for an outright ban is a cheap and effective way for the Liberals to score political points with the anti-gun crowd.

Training border agents to detect contraband and prohibited or restricted goods makes sense, right?

Gabriel Wortman, the perpetrator of a mass shooting in Nova Scotia, set off several alarm bells, including bragging to people about the weapons he smuggled. The replica RCMP car Wortman possessed was supposedly unknown to police despite the fact everyone in town knew about it.

Why did the RCMP chose to ignore warnings and display so much incompetence even as the shootings occurred?

It doesn’t matter to the federal Liberal government who, never letting a good crisis go to waste, are now earmarking $1 billion for a buyback of banned “assault-style firearms” and magazines.

Will this effort to combat gun smuggling actually work though?

A Toronto Police Deputy Chief stated that a federal buyback program “ is certainly not going to deal with the crime problem we’re facing in Toronto, as it relates to the use of criminal handguns.”

This is nothing more but more virtue signalling and hypocrisy from the Liberal government. Maybe that $1 Billion would be better spent training their officers and border agents to identify such threats instead?

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