Elon Musk exposes Commies

Socialism is the politics of envy that seeks justice through wealth redistribution. Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter, and the subsequent vilification by the MSM and politicos pushing their pseudo-Marxist agenda, exposes a rabid resentment by the left towards all those awful billionaires who apparently want to rule the world.

Calm yourself, Ahmed..

While self-avowed “socialists” are focused on their own needs, they do little to question their increasing dependence on government, or how politically polarizing their call for more regulation in all aspects of our life may be. Instead of taking responsibility for their own shortcomings why not just blame your adversaries for daring to question a benevolent central authority and simply label them spreaders of “misinformation”?

The MSM started wailing about Musk’s Twitter purchase when it was just a rumour. Now, heads are exploding over the prospect that woke content moderators won’t be able to police everything and the result will be the end of our democracy. That assumes these “gatekeepers” were doing anything to protect our democracy in the first place.

In a recent Forbes article, Michael Posner thinks Musk is “the wrong man to take over Twitter” and “a sweeping change should encourage lawmakers to undertake efforts to promote transparency and accountability by social media sites in the United States, in a manner similar to what the European Union recently agreed to do.”

Watching leftists decry the purchase of a social media platform by “ a free speech absolutist” reveals their insecurity towards a political agenda that can only by achieved through their absolute control of the messaging.

What business is it of yours, Rachel?

Addressing social inequity by attacking the rich is something coffee table socialists love to do. It’s hard to be rational when you have a world view that’s driven by pure ideology.

Instead of blaming “free speech absolutists” like Musk perhaps leftists should re-examine their assumptions about who the slave owners really are; opportunistic politicians and members of the MSM who manipulate their audiences feelings of fear and resentment. Demonizing political opponents has only led to more polarization and social division.