Liberal Party Plans to Police the Media

Nobody should be forced into any belief system, or be punished for vocally disagreeing with their government, but the Liberal Party is making every effort to silence their critics ahead of the next election.

The Liberals have presented themselves as the protectors of free speech in Canada by virtue of creating a watch dog panel to make sure election media coverage is fair and honest. Right.

There is a disturbing trend in Canada of government’s increasingly cozy relationship with election commissioners, as evidenced in Alberta and the Notley government, who are suing The Rebel media for buying a billboard criticizing the province’s education minister.

Who should determine if political advertising is manipulating the masses? Canadians live in a democracy, and are capable of making informed and intelligent decisions when determining whether the news they are watching is”fake”.

Why are politicians trying to stifle free speech, and why do they think they are able to fairly filter campaign messaging for the masses, when they are obviously being influenced by political and special interest? The monitoring of news coverage by a panel, or the passage of bills like c-76, which makes political activists “register” with the government, is an affront to democratic right of Canadians to criticize their own government.

The fear the Liberal Party is stoking regarding manipulated elections is an effort to control the media and discourage political thought and opinion.

Canadians need to resist the Liberal Party’s efforts to censor free speech, if we want to continue to advance a free and open society.

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